Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cryotherapy - Ice for Healing

This is a post I have been working on for months now. I wanted to write an article on using ice for healing that was based on the available science. Sadly, I found remarkably little science that covers this subject. This quote from a scientific journal looking at the studies that have been performed (a meta-study) sums things up: "Currently, no authors have assessed the efficacy of ice in the treatment of muscle contusions or strains. Considering that most injuries are muscle strains and contusions, this is a large void in the literature."

What I have written is based on the little research that is available, but also reflects my experience with using ice for healing. Personally, I have found amazing healing through ice; going from unable to walk properly one day to running normally the next. It's not always that easy, but I find that most muscular problems can be resolved with ice.

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