Monday, April 14, 2014

Looking for a Badwater Crew Chief

I've found my crew chief, but I'll leave the rest of the post in place in case you're interested. 

I'm looking for a crew chief for this year's Badwater. Here's my plan:
  • I'd like to have a crew of 2-4 people and my crew chief will help me select the rest of the crew. The crew need to get along with each other more than me, so a crew that already know each other would be great.
  • I'd like to rotate crew so everyone is rested. The logistics of the new course should make that much easier and I'll keep at least one room for the entire race so there's somewhere to sleep.
  • I'm providing accommodation and I've booked three rooms for 4 nights (check in Saturday, Jul 19, 2014, check out:  Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014). However, I could only get double rooms (1 king bed in each), which is a logistical pain. Accommodation in Lone Pine is tricky to get, not surprisingly.
  • I'm not paying for air fares, so the crew will need to be able to pay their own flights. Ideally, the crew will be from the west coast so that travel is easier.
  • I will pay to rent a vehicle, but we'll need to make sure all the crew is available at the time of rental so everyone can drive. If one of the crew can provide a vehicle, that would make things easier. (I'll pay for gas naturally.)
  • I'm generally a low maintenance runner, to the crew duties should be reasonably easy.
  • I won't need a pacer, but I'm open to having one. Pacing is a great way of getting a sense of the race.
  • Obviously experience with Badwater crewing would be a big plus.
What does a crew chief have to do? Here’s the rules…

  • All crew chiefs must study all race rules and information about supporting a runner and organizing and overseeing a support team, as well as study all email correspondence sent by the race organizers. Each Crew Chief is to be primarily responsible for managing the support crew, maintaining adherence to all race rules, state and local laws, and common sense, as well as overseeing the Health and Safety of all crew members and the runner at all times.
  • All racers and all designated Crew Chiefs must attend Racer Check-In, while all crew members are encouraged to attend. Additionally, all racers, their designated Crew Chiefs, and as many crew members as possible must attend the Pre-Race Meeting. Those racers and/or their Crew Chiefs who do not complete the scheduled check-in and attend the Pre-Race Meeting will not be allowed to participate. No exceptions will be made.
If you're interested, let me know.
email me badwater fellrnr com