Monday, December 23, 2013

Changes to the Jack Daniels Plans in the VDOT Calculator

I’ve changed a few things in my VDOT calculator where it outputs the training programs.
  1. I added a section for Jack Daniels “plan to complete a marathon”. This is not a plan I recommend, but I included it for completeness.
  2. I corrected a bug where the long run times were calculated wrongly when metric units were selected.
  3. I believe that week 20 of Jack Daniels’ Plan A is wrong in the book. The book says 2E + 4x 5-6 min T + 10 miles or 80 min T + 4x 5-6 min T + 2E. That middle segment of 10 miles/80 minutes at Tempo makes no sense to me, and I believe it should be Easy pace, not Tempo pace. I’ve changed the calculator accordingly.