Thursday, November 5, 2009

Running Tip #28 - Learn the lessons

There are many lessons that we learn in running. Races are particularly intense learning experiences; I have had very few races where I have not learned at least one important lesson. It is important that we actually learn from these lessons; if we don’t the lessons will be repeated, and they are often unpleasant.

I have a checklist I use for each race. After each race, I go back over the checklist and update it with the lessons I learned. This checklist has become my treasure trove of knowledge and tips.

On my last race, pacing a marathon, the weather at the start was mid 60s and drizzle. The weather forecast was for 50% chance of light rain and a slight drop in temperature. I chose not to carry a waterproof, believing the forecast. This proved to be a mistake when the temperatures dropped to the mid 50s with heavy rain. As a pacer, I could not pick up the pace, so I became quite chilled. I was not hypothermic, but I could have been. So my race checklist now has the line ‘if there is a possibility of cool rain, carry a waterproof’.

Lesson learned.